Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week 1 Assignment

This week's resources provided three links related to blogging and instructional design. The first blog was Instructional Design for Elearning Approaches created by Ferdinand Krauss. This blog has reflections, articles and insights on elearning strategies and instructional design. Some of the topics include: A Framework for the Pedagogical Evaluation of eLearning Environments. This paper is a link anyone can use as a framework to enhance learning when it deals with eLearning environments. There are also links to articles about the benefits of online learning as well as how to manage online learning.
The next blog for week 1 was Internet Time Blog. This blog was created by Jay Cross. The Internet Time Group helps organizations improve the performance of their people by speeding up their learning. This group develops action plans, training programs, presentations among other things. In this blog, one will find the definition of the term design, along with links to top principles of design. It also includes the history along with links to articles such as Instructional Design and Learning Theory, Instructional Design Models, etc. This blog is very resourceful for instructional design terms and background.
The third resource for week one is Blogs About: Instructional Design. Anyone can post on this site. Whether it is an instructional design job posting, seminars that are coming up worldwide, someone sharing ideas about good books to read, etc. Anyone can post on this blog whatever information they have on instructional design and related topics.

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