Monday, January 18, 2010

How the Brain Works Best: Easy ways to gain optimal learning in the classroom by activating different parts of the brain
The article written by Dr.Bruce Perry talks about how educators and neuroscientists have researched the brain and how it works over the past 40 years. He discusses how all learning is brain based and how it is important for a teacher to have knowledge of how the brain works, because when learning occurs we are literally trying to change the brain. The article explains what part of the brain is working when a teacher says certain things to a student. Dr.Perry believes teachers much find ways to engage students in learning because the brain activates learning. This is an excellent article for teachers because it will help the teacher gain an understanding of how important it is to know that learning comes from the brain. Teachers must have an awareness of how the brain is the core to educating students and different parts of the brain serves a different function. We have to learn how to tap into all parts of the brain and engage students in learning in order for success.


A Fresh Look at Brain Based Education

This article was written in Phi Delta Kappan by Eric P. Jenson. He gives a detailed overview of brain based education, how it effects educators and students and how it should be implemented. He starts the article by talking about the history of brain based education and how it has evolved over the years. Jenson thinks if we learn more about brain based education, we will be able to better apply that knowlege. Brain based education is based on principles derived from an understanding of the brain. If we don't understand how the brain works, we risk student success. This article is an excellent resource for anyone interested in brain based education and how it is becoming more popular.


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