Sunday, February 21, 2010

Technology and Learning Theories

Even though I have a deeper understanding of different learning theories, I do not think my view on how I learn has changed. The deeper understanding only helped me become more aware of different learning theories and how they link to one another. When learning occurs, I may use different learning theories together but my learning style is still based on the constructivist theory. It also helped me realize that changes in technology will continue. My knowledge and awareness of all learning styles will ensure that I am reaching all learners and their learning experience will be beneficial. Over the past few weeks, I have important information about learning theories through the weekly resources as well as classmates. I have learned that we solely base our learning on personal experiences and we continue to store information in our memories. This further explains why I have always believed in the constructivist theory, because in our daily lives whether personal or educational, it is based on an experience we have had in the past or related to a real-life experience. Technology plays a key role in my life. All of my work and communication at school where I work centers around technology. I have to do the daily attendance, input grades, teach using the interwrite board, assess students, and communicate through emails all using technology. In an elementary setting, I have to differentiate instruction. If one of my students is not grasping a concept, sometimes I will pull up a PowerPoint lesson or a video on united streaming. This technology really helps students who are struggling. I was never one who liked traditional classroom settings. Since online learning started, I have had beneficial learning experiences. My job and home life is time consuming so online learning for me is a great way for me to continue my education. Technology helps me learn new things such as new programs and software, create new projects and learn new information.

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